Monday, March 26, 2012

MERCH Madness

One of the things I do on the road is merch.  I'm talking CDs and t-shirts.  And now, we're looking into getting some stickers.  It will tie in nicely with Trent's stickered guitar.  


I had this idea back in December and I started taking some pictures of my "set-ups."  I try to be creative but some final products are better than others. 

Russellville, KY.  I called this the "Dreamer Tree."
 Van Buren, AR.  Can you guess what the T stands for?
 Williamsburg, VA.  Happy face.
 Toccoa Falls College / Toccoa Falls, GA.  
 Hampton, GA.  I really liked their zebra tablecloth.  Note to self: get a zebra tablecloth (or another animal print) and convince Trent that it's a GREAT idea.
 Boca Raton FUMC (East Campus)
 Plantation, FL
 Boca Raton FUMC (West Campus)
 St. Marys, GA...I made a pyramid of sorts.
 My favorite.  This was for The Rock youth bible study in St. Marys, GA at Lighthouse FM.
 Orange Park, FL.  Outside by the fire.  Not my best effort.  It was windy and I was lazy. At this point, please notice our CD box back there...held together with duct tape.  Note to self:  get a new box.
 St. Marys, GA / Lighthouse FM Sharathon.  The day we decided to order more t-shirts...because we literally had 3 left.  
 St. Augustine, FL / Reverb Church.  I really liked their table runner.  Note to self: get a table runner.
**Note to self:  I should've titled this post, Note to Self**

That's all for Merch Madness.  As far as March Madness goes, we're upset the Baylor men are out, but are hopeful for the Baylor women!

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