Friday, May 23, 2014

Arkansas and Texas, Part I

We left Nashville on May 3rd and are still on the road!

Our first stop was Arkansas and we'll actually be heading back there tomorrow, before going back home.

That Sunday, we shared some songs at Kibler Baptist.  We've been with them several times and it truly is a pleasure to go back.  Of course, Oliver had some meltdowns (eeeek!) but slept in the nursery during the whole service, which was a blessing.  

(A member took this picture and I'd like to point out that my legs look really long but that white part is a guy's shirt.  It took me off guard when I first saw it!)

After church, we went to lunch with the pastor and his sweet family.  I had to nurse Oliver in the car before I could join them and then this happened.  
I wish I could tell you I had a change of pants.  But I didn't.  Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

We had just enough time to get to the hotel, rest for about 30 minutes, then head to Heritage UMC for that night's show.  And guess what happened… Oliver fussed.  The youth pastor's daughter ended up having to hold him right behind us during soundcheck so he'd be happy.  Again, "Houston, we have a problem."

Our friend, Heather, volunteered to watch him and yes, he fussed, but she was able to calm him.  Then he fussed again and I had to go calm him.  But once he was calm, he finished the night strong!  Thanks, Heather!
The show was so fun.  It was with youth and they were captive and polite, which makes our job easy and enjoyable.

After the show, it was late and so Wendy's was our dinner.  Our friends brought this sweet one.  Carol Ann.  She was "starstruck" which is equal parts hilarious and adorable.  

We left Arkansas and went to Amarillo for some family time and a show.  Here's Aunt Amy with Mister Man.  He loves to stand up!

We were there for our birthdays…May 6th and 7th.  Here's the Monk Men.

Oliver with Honey Lue.  

We were in town for a show at Palace Coffee Company (I have no pics of that, darn it.) and did some press while we were there at Amarillo Globe News and Channel 4.

So thankful for Honey Lue and Grandad Larry.  They were able to watch O while we did our stuff and he did great!!!

After Amarillo, we drove to Melrose, NM to visit with Mama Pat and Papa Tuck.  We love our time with them and adore their stories and wisdom.  

Then, we went to Dallas for an appearence on Good Day Dallas.  We spent the night in Burleson with family who I haven't seen in who knows how long and Oliver met some cousins.  

Just chillin'

The next morning was and early one.  And Oliver tossed and turned all night which means I did, too.  In other words…TIRED.  But it was such a fun time!  Very sweet people. 

And there was even a makeup chair.  I'm sure Trent loves that I got this pic.  

I asked the makeup artist if I needed any.  Even though I felt like I already looked like a clown, he touched me up with some amazing under-eye-bye-bye-dark-circles concealer and I said, "Where were you when I had a newborn?  Heeeyoooo!"  He laughed and I decided I would very much like to travel with a hair and makeup person.  

Oliver made his TV debut and stole the show.  And he did great with Grammie!  

Maybe we're having a breakthrough?  Please, Jesus.

We had some more shows in Texas, but those will be in the next post. 

As always, thanks for traveling with us!

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