Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories: Week 6

Since we're at my parents' house, I rummaged through some old pictures they have and I stumbled upon these...

JV Cheerleading

I have forgotten what the competition was called, but it was at Baylor University.  (Anyone remember what is was?  CenTex Cheer Off or something?)

Anyway, we practiced hard and put together an amazing routine…including a basket toss.  (I think I could still do it, if I needed to.)  We competed with other schools in the area and we ended up winning!  

(For days after, I would watch our performance on VHS. That my mom recorded on her giant camcorder.  Which she lugged around for ALL. THE. YEARS.)

Other than a trophy, the prize was getting to cheer at that night's Baylor football game for a whole quarter.   I remember feeling so cool being on that field.  I cheered and cheesed my booty off.  

And now that Floyd Casey Stadium is no longer, it's even more memorable.  

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