Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories: Week 3

Yay for Throwback Thursdays!  I am having too much fun digging through old pictures.  

Caleb and me // 2002

Before I was a mommy, I was an aunt.  And I loved that role.  This stinker was the first of the bunch.  

In 2002, he turned the big ONE and I flew from Jonesboro, AR to Atlanta, GA (to get to Fort Benning in Columbus, GA) so that I could celebrate with the little dude.  

I've always loved this picture.  He was obsessed with lights and always pointed to them.  But we thought it was fun to pretend he was saying how old he was.  

That trip and party seems like it was yesterday.  I remember what he wore and that he fell and bumped his lip.  I remember what we ate and some of his presents…That's Not My Tractor being one of them.  I remember crying when I left.  

I cannot believe he will be 13 this October. 

Time, please slow down.  Ok? 

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