Saturday, May 10, 2014

**South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. And back to Georgia**

Alternately titled: Houston, we have a problem.

As I mentioned in my Easter post, we were invited to Town Creek Baptist in Aiken, SC to lead and share music on Easter Sunday and have a concert that night.

We got into town on Saturday and decided to get set up and get sound checked so Sunday wasn't so rushed. We always like doing this, if it's possible and if Mr. O cooperates. And he did!

All was well that morning. Oliver was sleeping when we got there and he stayed asleep for a bit. He woke up in the pastor's office and Pastor Clint brought him to us.  Still problem.  We finished getting sound checked, fed O, and waited for the first service to start. Oliver was being held when we started singing and at some point, he freaked. I don't know if it was the loudness or what, but by the time we were finished and I got to him, he had worked himself up something fierce. It was so sad! I nursed him, he fell asleep, we took him to the nursery, passed him off, he woke up, freaked, I calmed him, sang, came back, he was crying, they to me to go, it was good for him, a grandma got him to sleep, he woke up, fussed, then I got to him and I think that's it. It's a blur now. A big blur of tears and red, puffy eyes.

We ate with a sweet family then rested in the hotel before that night's show.

We were surprised how many people came out considering it was Easter Sunday. It was a great show and we adored meeting those folks! I wish I could say Oliver did fine in the nursery, but he did not. :(

We left SC and went to Saint Mary's, GA. Our awesome friends at The Lighthouse FM were on vacation all week so they let us stay in their house! I'm blown away by the kindness of people on the road.

They have water in the back with some geese!

Tuesday, we played at The Rock. The whole show is live on the air, so I was a bit nervous. 

 It was such a fun night! It's hard to beat enthusiastic youth. 

And you guessed it. Oliver did it again. This picture must've been when the sweet women watching him were trying ALL THE THINGS to get him to calm down. Thank the Lord they were mamas and have dealt with fussiness many a times.  The good news is, by the time I got to him when we were finished, he was happy and calm. Breakthrough? Please, Jesus.

Wednesday we drove to Saint Augustine, FL to do an outdoor show with Reverb and Providence Bible churches. It was hot, so Oliver stayed inside in the nursery. He LOVED the exercauser :) 
 And he did great! Only started crying when he was taken out of said exercauser and realized he was hungry, too.  Breakthrough? Please, Jesus.

We love these guys! They are our people. It had been too long since we had seen them.

Then, after a few days of R & R, i.e., BEACH, we drove to Augusta, GA for Redemption Church's Sunday service.

We led worship and sang special music. Oliver went to the nursery and...wait for it...was fussy :(

We saw some old friends and made some new ones and that's always good for the soul!

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